To be consistent on youtube over long periods of time, it is extremely important to be highly motivated. If you are uploading too much and it’s not sustainable for your lifestyle it can cause you to burn out, leading to inconsistent uploads and even giving up altogether. Lots of youtubers say uploading every day is key and it’s important for the algorithm or for growing your channel, It does help your channel but if it’s not sustainable for your lifestyle because you are working two jobs or you have four kids then it’s just not possible for you to upload every day. You might be able to for a few weeks or even a couple of months, but in the long run, you’ll start to lose enjoyment and want to quit. Instead, it’s even more important for you to come up with an upload schedule that you can stick to. Even if that’s only once a week (I would recommend uploading at least once a week), that’s perfectly ok as long as it is something you can stick to and do for a long period of time. I’m not just talking about weeks or months but even years.

Once you come up with a schedule you believe you can stick to you need to drop all view and subscriber goals. If you are expecting to gain 10 subscribers a day but then you only gain 2, you will be extremely disappointed and that can lead to low motivation because no one is watching your content. If you are always focusing on how many subscribers you have or how many views each video gets and your channel doesn’t grow as fast as you were expecting it to, you are going to feel upset, trust me, I know that feeling! When I first started youtube 5 years ago I used to look at my view count and my subscriber count every single day and when I only gained 4 subscribers in my first month I was extremely demotivated! I remember when I uploaded my first video and it only got two views, which is crazy by the way because I didn’t do tags or anything, but I felt extremely upset that it didn’t have 100,000 views. 

“How come all these other YouTubers can get millions of views but I can only get 2?” I said…

It might take you years to get your first 1000 subscribers or it might take you months, either way, you have to focus on the aspects that you can control! For example, your work ethic and how many videos you can get out each year. Aim for 150 videos if that is possible for you or 100 or even 50 videos. Aim to provide as much value as you possibly can, create goals based on aspects that you can control! Each week instead of looking at how many subscribers you gain, look at how many videos you put out or look at how you improved in each video. That way, you’ll feel more motivated and feel better about yourself because you are looking at the progress you are making as a creator rather than factors you cannot change!

One piece of advice from Roberto Blake is to ignore your subscriber count altogether for the first year. Focus on how many videos you put out and how much value you provide. Then at the end of the year, you can feel much more excited looking back over how much you had improved, saying “wow look at what happened this year” and more importantly you will feel more accomplished and will be a much better youtube creator. Your videos, even though you might not think about it now, will be so much better at the end of the year. Put in the work, put in the effort and see where that takes you in a year.

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Adam Yeboah

Hey there! My name's Adam! I'm an Australian trying to build a career online based on areas I'm passionate about. ​ About a year ago I realized that the only way that I would truly be happy and content with my life is if I took serious action towards achieving a career that I enjoy each and every day that is inline with my values, passions and lifestyle.

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