Ok let’s start with the basics, watch time is the amount of time someone spends watching your video. The goal is to get as much watch time as possible!  The first thing you need to understand is that the length of your video is the maximum amount of watch time you can get for each person.  So if your video is 5 minutes long, you can only get 5 minutes of watch time per view. 

This doesn’t mean that if you produce a 10 hour video you will get 10 hours of watch time so you should focus on making content that people want to watch! If your content isn’t engaging or exciting, or you just talk in a monotone voice the whole time people will get bored and click off your content. REMEMBER content is KING. You need to hook your viewer from the beginning.

Hooking your viewer is the best way to get them to stay long term and you need to do this in the first 3 to 5 seconds. Hooking them at this time will help them to decide to stay instead of abandoning your video. One trick to hook your viewer is to tell them the value they will get from watching your video. If you are teaching them something give them an example or if you are entertaining them take a funny moment from your video and add it to the beginning so they know they are in for a good time. Time is precious so show them why they want to spend their precious time watching your video and what they will get out of it. 

All successful channels have a good hook at the beginning. Now another trick for when your video isn’t particularly exciting is to stop people abandoning your channel altogether is to go into your analytics and see when people stop watching. Then insert a card in your video about five seconds before this linking to a playlist of your other videos so when people might get bored. they’ll look at the playlist and they may binge watch your videos and you don’t lose them. 

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Adam Yeboah

Hey there! My name's Adam! I'm an Australian trying to build a career online based on areas I'm passionate about. ​ About a year ago I realized that the only way that I would truly be happy and content with my life is if I took serious action towards achieving a career that I enjoy each and every day that is inline with my values, passions and lifestyle.

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