Do you want to make money on youtube? I will share a few ways you can make money on youtube, even with a small audience.  Even if you are only making a small amount money can be useful on youtube to buy gear, subscriptions or other things to make your videos even better

Even if you are only making a small amount, money can be useful to buy gear, subscriptions or other things to make your videos even better!

The first method I am going to discuss is Google Adsense. For those who don’t know what Adsense is, it is when you sign up for an account on google adsense (You need a total of 10,000 views on your channel) then ads will be played on your videos and you receive income for each person that watches the ad. This method is pretty much useless for most people as you probably aren’t big enough to make a significant amount of money doing it. With the ad boycott, shadow demonetization and everything else that’s been going on with ads it’s also not a very reliable method to depend on.

The next method I am going to talk about is affiliate marketing. Now, this is one of my favourite methods. This is where you link to a product, service or website and you direct traffic to that website by telling your followers and giving them the link. For every person that clicks the link and makes a purchase you will receive a small commission.  For example, with the Amazon Affiliate Program, you can link to an Amazon product and if your viewers click the link and buy that product or something else off of Amazon, I will receive a small commission. 

Another good method is Patreon. This is a website where creators can setup a page, showcase rewards and viewers can pledge a certain amount each month or per creation and reap a variety of benefits setup by the creator!

The next method I’ll talk about is selling merchandise. This is an awesome, creative way to make some money. You can make your own shirts, hats, hoodies, pants and whatever else comes to mind. You can do this for free on websites like Spreadshirt, Amazon Merch and many others. You can set up your online store and you don’t have to pay anything for production. Orders are created per purchase and are shipped directly to whoever bought the product automatically! You only have to pay a commission to the company and receive the rest of the money.

Another way to make money off youtube is through brand deals and sponsorship. This is when a company comes to you and offers to pay to display a product, have a 30-second clip about a product or to talk about their service. This doesn’t usually happen to small channels but if you have an extremely niche down audience, it’s possible! For example, I know a barbecue channel who receives thousands of dollars worth of barbecue products because they’re very niche down on barbecue.

You can also write and sell ebooks depending on what niche you’re in. You can write tutorial styled ebooks, type it up in Word, save it as a pdf, get a nice little cover image made and upload it. You can do this through Amazon or you can do it on your own website. If you can provide tons of value it can be very lucrative!

If you have an education based channel you can create courses. If you teach Photoshop or Premiere Pro or whatever software you are using, you can create a whole course based on that and then sell it. Whatever it is you can bundle it up nicely and sell it on your website or on websites like Udemy which allow you to upload and sell courses.

If you’re an expert in a field or know a lot about a topic then you can do consulting. This is where you have a one on one meeting, it could be through Skype, Google hangouts or even in person. You give your expertise on whatever your subject is to someone else. A lot of people will pay for this as they want direct answers to their questions. In this case, they are paying for your time which is sometimes not suitable based on your lifestyle.

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