Does using click bait to get more views make you a bad youtube creator? Clickbait is ACTUALLY good and before you attack me, hear me out!

Now the google definition of click bait is “content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a particular web page”. Does that sound negative? Not at all but the reason so many people think click bait is bad is because of the way it’s misused on youtube!

Using an attractive thumbnail and a click worthy title is click bait. What separates a good thumbnail versus a bad one is whether or not you deliver on the content you promised in the video. Here’s an example, there are lots of videos on youtube titled “how to get a 100 subscribers on youtube in one day” or “how to get 10K subscribers in one week” now if they actually tell you a legitimate way to get those subscribers then they are delivering on the promise, that’s good click bait! Whereas if they bait you into clicking on it and then show you this “scam” or a “get rich quick scheme” and it’s just a bunch of mumbo jumbo and they don’t really give you a formula or a set way to do that, then they are not delivering on the promise that they made you in the title and the thumbnail and that is negative clickbait.

A good example of click bait is Nick Nimmin. If you haven’t checked out his channel he makes awesome videos on how to create youtube videos, grow your channel , kind of like what I am doing! Each of his videos has an attractive thumbnail which makes you want to click on it each title is attractive and makes you want to click on it. Then in each video he tells you exactly what he told you he was going to. He delivers on the content he promises and makes you feel satisfied after watching the video. That’s a good example of cliclick bait

Using clickbait to grow your channel and to get views is extremely important because you are competing with hundreds of thousands of other channels on youtube. If you rank your video in search and your thumbnail and title isn’t interesting then all the other videos around you will get way more clicks and way more views than yours simply because no one is intrigued by what you are providing.

A key tip is to rewatch your video multiple times and make sure that your thumbnail and title are very very relevant to what you are talking about in the video. That way your viewers will be happy leading to more likes, more subscribers and more comments.

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Adam Yeboah

Hey there! My name's Adam! I'm an Australian trying to build a career online based on areas I'm passionate about. ​ About a year ago I realized that the only way that I would truly be happy and content with my life is if I took serious action towards achieving a career that I enjoy each and every day that is inline with my values, passions and lifestyle.

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