I will show you how to get more subscribers using this one simple method. It can be extremely frustrating if you aren’t getting as many subscribers as you would like to. Doing this one thing can drastically improve the number of people who subscribe to your channel. 

Now for the big reveal! The trick to getting more subscribers is front loading. If you don’t know what front loading is, it means having your subscribe call to action at the beginning of your video rather than leaving it to the end. Now don’t only tell your viewers to subscribe but tell them why they should subscribe. Remember you want to give as much value to your viewer as possible. 

Gary Vaynerchuk wrote a whole book about this; Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. This metaphor means give, give, give and then ask. You want to provide as much value as possible before you ask for anything. Tell your viewer what value they will receive from subscribing to your channel. What I do in my videos is ask you if you want more videos to help you to crush it on youtube, I then tell you to subscribe if you do. I am telling you what you will learn how to do or what value you will receive if you subscribe to my channel. 

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook is an awesome book if you’re an entrepreneur or trying to build a career on youtube. Buy it or similar books that will help you crush youtube by clicking the image below to go to my kit.com page!

 Now, the reason it’s so important to say your value proposition instead of just asking your viewer to subscribe is if it is someone’s first time on your channel, they will have no idea what you are doing. You haven’t started your video yet so why would they subscribe to you if they have no idea what your channel is about? For example, a good call to action if you have a gardening channel is “ïf you want to learn how to have a healthy garden consider clicking subscribe below”. That way your viewer knows what your channel is about, what videos you upload and what value they will gain in return for subscribing.

The reason front loading is so successful compared to leaving your call to action towards the end of your video is because if a viewer is interested in your niche but not the particular video they are watching, they won’t leave your channel altogether but they may go and browse the rest of your content or look at other videos you might upload later on. So by asking them to subscribe because they are interested in the content you produce can prevent you from losing a potential subscriber just because they don’t like that one particular video.

Let’s use a gardening example again, if you make a video on how to water your garden effectively but the viewer has tried that method and didn’t like it they will probably leave and never return… But, if you front load and your viewer subscribes and leaves and then you upload a video on growing a tomato garden and they really love tomato gardens then they might come back and watch that video and more of the same kinds of videos on your channel. That way instead of losing a subscriber you gained one who might not have liked one particular video but they like the rest of your content.

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Adam Yeboah

Hey there! My name's Adam! I'm an Australian trying to build a career online based on areas I'm passionate about. ​ About a year ago I realized that the only way that I would truly be happy and content with my life is if I took serious action towards achieving a career that I enjoy each and every day that is inline with my values, passions and lifestyle.

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