Are you curious what the best action camera for youtube is? I’ll tell you what my personal favorite is in this article!

If you are a vlogger or just a Youtuber who moves around a lot while recording, having an action camera at your disposal is extremely important!  There are so many different kinds out there, what should you choose?  I am going to come right out and tell you my personal favorite is the GoPro! Firstly, the massive number of accessories you can purchase is phenomenal. They have one for every single situation you may encounter whether you’re underwater, skydiving or even bungee jumping off of a cliff, whatever you might be doing they have an accessory for you!

There’s even a small touch screen included with the newest model(can be purchased as an accessory for the older models), this lets you delete videos, play back or even view what you are recording.

Another reason I love GoPro’s is that they’re a well-respected and trusted brand, known for high-quality products. One of my favorite parts of the GoPro is there is a very responsive app for your mobile phone. It’s on apple and android but I’m not sure about other models. It allows you to have a wireless playback of what you are recording, as well as an app to edit your GoPro footage. It also can act as a wireless remote.

You can record 4K 30fps with the model I have which is the GoPro hero 4 black. As you decrease the quality you get more and more frames, leaving you with a large number of selections for whatever quality you might need for whatever project your working on! 

The small size of the GoPro makes it extremely portable whether you are traveling, going into small spaces, or even if you are in the ocean or water. Whatever you are doing you can bring it along with you. The outer case is extremely rugged and durable making it good for rock climbing or other tough situations that you might not be able to take a DSLR camera. It’s even capable of going deeper than a lot of other cameras on the market for scuba diving or other deep sea activities. 

The batteries are so small for the GoPro that you could carry five extra batteries and not feel like you are carrying any extra weight. It uses micro SD cards so you can have one for every kind of situation as well as a number of backups. You could have one for your vlog footage, one for your underwater footage, one for your skydiving footage and you can store them in a SD card storage case and have backups for when you run out of storage.


Adam Yeboah

Hey there! My name's Adam! I'm an Australian trying to build a career online based on areas I'm passionate about. ​ About a year ago I realized that the only way that I would truly be happy and content with my life is if I took serious action towards achieving a career that I enjoy each and every day that is inline with my values, passions and lifestyle.

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